Nissa Devora
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The Majestic Cherry Blossom Tree

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Twee, Epiclicious Tree (Jam), Nissan (Ai)



FFN Penname:

Miharu Endou


Gakuen Alice

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June 9, 2006


January 16

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The Majestic Cherry Blossom Tree


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About NissaEdit

She is known as Miharu Endou in the fan fiction universe and Twee in the AoGA group.

The nickname started when she was openly obsessing about RP Natsume Hyuuga. She proclaimed that she is the tree that Natsume sleeps on and that she is very in-love with him. Nissa then wrote the one-shot Not Just a Tree, inspired by her fantasy of Natsume Hyuuga in her head.

She loves Harry Potter and is very open about her obsession over Draco Malfoy and Tom Felton. She dreams of having his babies.

Nissa loves to say "Please have my babies!"

She is obsessed with pretty boys and members of boy bands.

Nissa is also a member of the Applegate Mustachios.

History in AoGAEdit

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Gakuen Alice, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, The Hunger Games, Sherlock, My Mad Fat Diary


Natsume x Mikan, Ruka x Aoi, Hotaru x Hayate, Draco x Hermione, Katniss x Peeta, Haruhi x Kyouya, Natsume x Sakura Tree


Natsume Hyuuga: Back when the group chat was still alive, Nissa was very vocal about her feelings for him. Natsume was already spoken for, so Nissa started brooding. She said that she was the cherry blossom tree watching over him, and that she will love him forever. Thus, the Natsume x Sakura Tree ship was born.

Rei Serio: Nissa met Rei during the RP Idol contest. When Rei was performing, Nissa was in the audience, screaming "Please have my babies!". Rei ignored her for a while, but Nissa was very persistent. In the end, Rei fell in love with her and they became a couple, eventually having one of the most fast-paced, messy wedding (Jinno almost replaced Nissa as the bride). They also starred in Applegate Mustachios' contest fic, Star Crossed. Nissa, who already had four children (Nikki, Jei, Mara, and Isa) when Rei proposed to her. After the engagement, the two adopted more children (Ash, Erika, Ariie and Samantha). They also had babies pop out from nowhere (Haru and Amu). When Rei no longer went online, Nissa decided it was best for them to separate, leaving Nissa with 10 children.

Jam Rosales: Jam proposed to Nissa countless times but was turned down because Nissa was in a relationship with Rei. They ended up becoming sisters.

Marvic Sakura: Marvic has been messaging Nissa on her personal Facebook, and the two quickly became friends. Marvic was the one who invited Nissa to joing the AoGA Facebook group.

Nikki Chii: Nikki and Nissa were schoolmates, and she was the first AoGA member Nissa met in real life. She became Nissa's first daughter, and the two were very good friends. 

Chinky Loy: Nissa received her first ever snail mail from Chinky. The two shared a healthy obsession over Dramione and Tom Felton, and the two met multiple times in real life. Nissa considers Chinky as one of her most cherished friends (online and in real life). Along with Yas , they plan to go to Universal Studios Orlando in the future.

Yas Coated: The two first interacted with each other during the first House Cup since they were both members of Applegate Mustachios. Soon, they became close friends, and they also had multiple meet ups. Nissa considers Yas as one of her most cherished friends (online and in real life), and she treats her like a sister. The two are tree sisters.