Erika Midorima
The Royal Bodyguard of the Overlord

Member Since:

2011 - present


Maya, Birdie, HiBirdie



FFN Penname:

Black Maya


Gakuen Alice, Kuroko No Basuke, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

FFN Birthday:

May 26, 2009


April 4

Caratopia Position:

The Royal Bodyguard


Really nice, kind and friendly



About ErikaEdit

A super cheerful, sweet and adorable girl that is beyond friendly. Her comments are super nice when she beta-reads and chats with her are never boring. She's open to many ships, even those that aren't her OTP's. She's witty (and smart too, because those two aren't the same), and a great writer. She's a big yaoi fan, and she's also a great person to fangirl with.

History in AoGAEdit

To be filled up.


She writes for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kuroko no Basuke, and Gakuen Alice. However, she lurks around the No.6 and Kuroshitsuji fandoms as well as others.


Kuroko no Basuke

  • MidoTaka
  • AoKuro
  • MidoKise
  • AoMomoi
  • AkaFuri
  • AkaAtsushi
  • AkaKuro
  • Kuro x GoM
  • KagaHimuro
  • TeppeiHyuga
  • HyugaRiko
  • = open on pairings here=

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  • R27
  • D18
  • GokuYama
  • YamaHiba
  • HibaMuku
  • MukuTsuna
  • ColoLal
  • GokuTsuna
  • GokuHaru
  • TsunaKyoko

AoGA Ships

  1. SadzHajime
  2. ChinkyNicky'sVoice
  3. ErikaXArrie'sDuckVoice
  4. ErikaXTheo'sVoice
  5. ErikaXHilaire'sWritings
  6. ErikaXAoGA
  7. JeiTheo
  8. TheoJeiNicky
  9. Arricky
  10. Theorrie
  11. JulieTheo
  12. JeiJulie
  13. CaraJei
  14. Orly


Julie: Erika is one of the first people that greeted Julie, and Julie's really glad that she did. The two became friends quite quickly when Erika became Julie's pink haired unicorn. The two don't talk much anymore since Erika's really busy with school but they often talk about random topics and fangirl over KnB. But Erika promised to Julie that once she has free time, she'll bother Julie with lots of things. The two became close after late nights of random chat, and fangirling over bishies/KnB/pretty much anything. They often have weird hyper convos, and Erika somehow turned Julie into a yaoi fangirl (which she is forever grateful for). Erika is a true friend that Julie can count on if she needs someone to talk to, or just someone to troll DRRRchat with. (And yes we will meet up and I will write you lots of fics! ♥)

Hilaire: Erika first admired Hilaire for her awesome writing skills, and so Erika simply posted a random wall post to Hilaire's page, and poof! She instantly became best friends with this girl. They talk about anything under the sun/moon/stars/planet/comet/-insert heavenly body here- and they always seem to have a topic to talk about despite how they chat every single day.

Cara: Cara is mainly Erika's yaoi best-buddy. They talk about anything under the sun/moon/stars/planet/comet/-insert heavenly body here-, too.

Abby: When Erika first joined AoGA, people mistook Erika for Abby's sister. A few months later, they both started trying to trace their family tree. Erika and Abby also talks about anything under the sun/moon/stars/planet/comet/-insert heavenly body here-.

Fitri: Erika's twin. They have a lot of things in common. From internet life to personal life, from food to technology, from tables to chairs... Anything! They openly talk to each other about many many things.

Jei: Erika sees Jei as a very, very, very intelligent man. And she is Jei's pet bird, just like how Hibari takes care of HiBird (KHR reference). Jei is also Erika's programming AoGA teacher.

Athena: Athena calls Erika Maya 'cause she's awesome like that. That started when she still didn't know what Erika's real name was, and since her pen name was Black Maya, she called her Maya (cause come on, I'd sound racist if I called her Black). They became really close after fangirling about PJO. They even wanted to write a collab with Christa, but until now, it still isn't finished, sadly. OTL They texted and texted after that, and Erika found out about Athiel, and Athena found out about Maya's love life. Athena's forever OTP besides Athiel is Mayax*inserthercruss'snamehere*. 8D Maya was also the reason why Athena came to appreciate yaoi, what with Kuroshitsuji and all, and they share common ships for KnB. Athena trusts Erika so so much, and she's happy she can tell all her secrets and stories to her. She loves her from the bottom of her heart, and she hopes they'll be able to meet someday.


  • She has met 6 AoGA people so far.
  • Jei gave Erika the nickname "Birdie" and "HiBirdie".
  • Erika became a prominent yaoi fan when she started talking to Hilaire.
  • Her favorite number is 4, which is death in Chinese (an unlucky number).