Abby Yap
The Royal Adviser

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2010 - present


Mother Hobo



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Gakuen Alice


May 13

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February 15, 2009

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The Adviser


Caring. Like a mother.



About AbbyEdit

Abby is one of the administrators at Authors of Gakuen Alice . She's a girl who doesn't socialize with many new members, but is definitely someone you should make an effort to get to know. She's really sweet, really fluffy once you get to know her (or maybe it's just Julie's hyperdere powers. Everyone is fluffy/sweet with Julie. /shot). She's an amazing artist, and a great writer. She's so mature, really caring, and one of the friendliest people on this site. She is the 'mom' of many people within the group, and ensures that everything runs smoothly. She does a lot for the group in general, and like Cara, deserves a LOOOOOOOT more love than she gets. ♥ ♥ ♥

And, she really loves the group, so much that she is really dedicated to it. She's very reliable too, like the pillar we can all lean to. She writes beautifully, and thinks up the craziest plots, but she doesn't write much anymore, which breaks Cara's heart. She's a really good sketch artist and an even better photographer.

History in AoGAEdit

-how did you find the group, role in the group, events created/joined etc-


Gakuen Alice


Theoriie and Julere. Although I have no idea why Julere. OTL


She also ships herself with others, most of which are either inanimate or does not know that she exists. Few of these are Potatabby, AbbyxLuke Castellan, and AbbyxLeo Messi.

Aside from the above mentioned, she also supports NatsumexHotaru, KokoxSumire, GrayxLucy, Percabeth, FredxHermione, Dramione, Clato, and PutnamxPenguin.

Actually, she will ship any two things that have contact with each other. Oh look, her pinky brushed by the shift key. Mr. Shift Key x Abby's Pinky ftw!


Julie Ly: Julie can't really recall how their friendship started, but she's really glad that she's one of the new people who got to become close with Abby. They have many odd nicknames with eachother, and frequently find themselves spamming hearts over food, life, bishies, or just random things in general. It's hard for them to communicate because of the damn timezones, but whenever they do catch eachother online, Julie makes sure to set aside time and lots of derelove for Abby. Abby and Julie are eachothers confidantes, and Abby is one of the only people that Julie really trusts. The two often talk about anything, and Abby enjoys teasing Julie about how Nick and her are 'cuddly baby penguins'. They own a potato blog on Tumblr ( which they definitely need to update more often. Julie hopes that the two stay in contact until they meet like they planned~

Ariie: Abby loves Ariie because Ariie rocks. -to be edited-